Comparison: White vs. Black Truffle Oil

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What is truffle oil?

Its flavored oil that mimics the aroma/taste of truffles. And is made with base oils like olive/grapeseed oil infused with either synthetic flavorings or real truffles.


White vs black truffle oil

Here are some differences and similarities between the two types of truffle oils.


1. Flavour

White truffle oil is made to taste like white truffles, while black truffle oil is all about black truffle flavor. Simple.


2. Synthetic compounds

Both oils are typically produced using synthetic flavorings due to the difficulty of capturing the natural flavor of truffles and their high cost.


3. Potency

The intensity of flavor varies based on quality and concentration of truffle flavoring used, with black truffle oil generally having a stronger taste.


4. Aroma

White truffle oil has a garlicky, musky aroma with earthy undertones, while black truffle oil has a stronger, woody, and earthy aroma with hints of chocolate and mushroom.


5. Appearance

The appearance of both oils is similar in color, often due to the use of synthetic flavors and not real truffles.


6. Price

If both oils are made with synthetic flavors, the price might be similar. If made with real truffles, white truffle oil will be much more expensive.


7. Use

Both oils are used as finishing oils. White truffle oil is recommended for milder truffle taste in delicate dishes, while black truffle oil provides a stronger flavor.


8. Availability

Both truffle oils are commonly found online and in gourmet food stores. Oils made with real truffles, especially white truffle oil, can be hard to find.


9. Shelf life

Both types of oils have a similar shelf life, with oils made from real truffles having a shorter expiration date. 

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