The 'Why' Behind Truffle Oil's High Price

Green Cutlery

Why is truffle oil pricey?

You might have thought of this – especially when comparing price with other flavored oils. And the reason is not what you may think!


What is truffle oil made of?

The flavor isn't always from real truffles! Synthetic compounds like 2,4-dithiapentane and dimethyl sulfide are used for mimicking the truffle taste. Check the ingredients!


Pricing factor

Truffle oil is pricier due to a perception of luxury (since real truffles are rare and expensive) – despite not being made from real truffles most of the time. 


Comparison with cost of real truffles

Truffle oil is a fraction of truffle cost. Some varieties can be $4000 per pound (and up), but the oil offers 'truffle-like' flavor without breaking the bank.


Does more expensive mean better quality?

Not really – most producers use fake flavors. Carefully check labels for terms like 'flavor',  'essence' and 'concentrate' etc. Click below to find out more.


Is truffle oil bad then?

Depends on how you think! A common person cannot usually afford fine dining options made with real truffles. Oil may not be the same but gives a glimpse into the experience.

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